A Course for Fluency - Why one off classes, and cramming don't work.

You probably already know the answer to this. Either consciously or subconsciously you know that no matter how good a class is, it feels like it often doesn’t work out.

Remember that Zumba Class you went to? How much fun it was and you thought, ‘this is great, I’m going to get really fit doing his’ and a month later you weren’t going any more. Or those Spanish online lessons you started on DuoLingo that you were going to be great at?

So you know the reality is that when you can pick or choose your lessons, it's great for one lesson, or two, or five, but eventually you reach a plateau where you fizzle out. Obviously it’s not just you – 95% of all classes taken online are not completed.

It takes momentum like a freight train to carry you through the times when your resolve is low and there are various ways to keep this momentum. One of these ways is having a course with daily instruction and goals.

Cramming: Master Maths is focused not just on getting an ‘A’ in your exam. It’s focused on your career. Lifelong learning and growth does not come from cramming.

Maths Grinds/tutorials: The 5-30 hours of subject specific tutorials can be great, but they are built to help you understand topics you have difficulty with. The 300-400 hours of classes you take over 3 years in school build your knowledge and your ability to use Math well - to become an expert.

There is a joy and pride in doing something well. Choose to do something well and dedicate the time needed to make it happen and you can feel that joy and that pride.