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Summary: To achieve success in the Junior Cert, you need to be able to apply a range of skills to various different problems that you encounter. You will need to build up these skills which you will do with daily exercises from Monday (Day 1) to Friday (Day 5) and revising at the right time which is scheduled for you.

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Day 0 : Exercises
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Monday : Comparing
Video Description

We start in maths by counting objects and then comparing objects. We can then move on to measuring features of an object like its length, width, height, weight, time in motion, speed etc.

Today we're going to be looking at comparing. In primary school you compared two items and said which was bigger or smaller. In todays exercise, we're asked how much MORE Paul has than John. The method we use to evaluate this is (How much Paul has) − (How much John has) - a FORMULA is a method we use to solve something.

Now however, if Paul has for example, 5 items less than John, we do a strange thing, we say that Paul has (−5) items MORE than John. This seems unusual at first, but if we have a fixed FORMULA, then we end up with a pattern that we follow.

Patterns are important in Mathematics. And today's question is about following a pattern for when we subtract MORE than we have to begin with.

Tuesday : Comparing Positive and Negative numbers
Video Description

Yesterday we compared two numbers and used a METHOD to see how much More Paul had than John.

Today John and Paul are playing a game where their score can go up or down, even below 0. They can have a negative score.

We want to know what their total score is. The METHOD we use is (Paul's score) + (John's score). If both their scores are positive they combine going up. If both their scores are negative, they combine going down. If one of their scores is positive and one is negative then the negative part of one score cancels out that much of the positive part of the other score.

Wednesday : Reverse a Formula
Thursday : Applied Arithmetic - Bills
Friday: Applied Arithmetic - Bills + VAT
Saturday : no exercise