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  • An introduction to what The Maths Guide is all about and how the course works.
  • A walk along the the path of the course

Summary: To achieve success in the Junior Cert, you need to be able to apply a range of skills to various different problems that you encounter. You will need to build up these skills which you will do with daily exercises from Monday to Friday. You will need to be able to analyse a situation, recall all the knowledge that might apply to that situation and use your skills and knowledge together to solve the problem.

So, you will need to learn skills but also have the broad understanding in order to know what skills should be applied in a given situation. This is what mastery is about and allows you to become a creator.

Warning: You will be asked to complete new and varied exercises to build your skills. You may struggle initially, but don't worry - as you revisit topics they will make more sense.

Sunday Exercises
  • No Exercises today!
Monday : Formulae and Substitution
If you're not sure how to do the exercises have a look at the following video walkthrough.
Tuesday : Creating formulae for Positive and negative space using letters A,B,C
Wednesday : Reverse a Formula
Thursday : Applied Arithmetic - Bills
Friday: Applied Arithmetic - Bills + VAT
Saturday : no exercise