• An introduction to what The Maths Guide is all about and how the course works.
  • An introduction to the major topics that are on the course

Summary: The Maths Guide is an online Training Program. This course will lead you day by day through the exercises that you need to complete in order to become skilled at using Maths to solve problems

As this may be new to you, for this week we are just going to become a little bit familiar with how to use The Maths Guide Workbooks and how the revision works. This week we will be using the workbook with some problems from Primary School. Start by watching the Sunday video.

Sunday Exercise: No Exercises
  • Watch todays video to see where the workbooks are and how to complete the exercises.
Monday Exercise: Easy Intro
Tuesday Exercise: Easy intro and revision
Wednesday Exercise: Easy Intro and Revision
Thursday Exercise: Easy Intro and Revision
Friday Exercise: Last Easy Intro and Revision
Saturday Exercise : Just Revision