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Day 3: Converting from Hours (as a decimal) and Hours plus Minutes. And vice versaDescription: Converting Between Decimal Hours and Hours plus minutes
Objective: The purpose of this module is to learn to take Hours and Minutes (taken from a timetable) and convert that to decimal Hours so that it can be used in a formula to calculate speed. The reverse conversion will also be practiced.
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In this section we are practicing how to convert from Hours and Minutes to Hours (Decimal).

To do the conversion we keep the whole hours seperate and look at the fractional part.

e.g.   12 Hours and 57 Minutes

= 12 hours   (leave this part alone)   and  57 Minutes written as a fraction of an hour.

= 12 hours  and 57minutes/60minutes  (now written as a fraction)

= 12 hours and 0.95 hours  (now written as a decimal fraction)

 = 12.95 hours


e.g.    23.7 Hours.

 = 23 Hours (leave this part alone) and 0.7 Hours to be written as a number of minutes

 = 23 Hours  and 0.7 hours  times by 60 minutes per hour

 = 23 Hours and 42 minutes


e.g.  1.02 Hours

 = 1 Hour (leave this part alone)  and 0.02 hours to be written as a number of minutes

 = 1 Hour and 0.02 times by 60 minutes per hour

 = 1 Hour and 4.2 Minutes

Note: We are only converting to Minutes.  If we wanted to convert to hours minutes and seconds we would have to continue with the decimal / fractional part of the minutes column.

 = 1 hour and 4 minutes and 0.2 minutes times by 60 seconds per minute

 = 1 hour and 4 minutes and 12 seconds.