Taught Courses

Taught courses (Click on "Courses" in the menu) provide day by day guidance and instruction together with lessons, exercises and revision that ensure that you get the very best possible results with a deep understanding that lasts. It is designed with the 'spiral' method of learning to ensure that concepts and goals remain in the front of your mind as you make your way through the course. The spiral process of introducing you to an idea and coming back to it regularly allows you build a broad range of the skills and tools that you will use to tackle problems from a broader perspective when returning to that topic. This ensures that you learn the skills that you need, not only for a particular topic, but a top level understanding of how to approach the sort of questions on the project maths course. And of course the understanding and skills you need as you continue with further education.

The Junior Cert Taught Course covers the whole of the Junior Cert Ordinary and Honours level course over almost ninety weeks of lessons designed to match the teaching year, including revision time. This allows students who do not start the course in the beginning of the school year to join until Easter if they work through the school break to catch up.

The course is broken into weekly modules. These consist of a class each Sunday introducing the concepts that will be covered that week and links to the workbook for exercises to be completed. Each topic that is covered in the workbook has a link to videos and information on how to learn that particular skill together with feedback to make sure that you stay on track.

Automatic revision is provided to ensure that you keep the knowledge that you have worked so hard for and to help you build the skills you need to complete future assignments