Parents Why Choose The Maths Guide?

The Maths Guide is based on my extensive knowledge and experience together with university research in the methods and psychology of learning. My aim is to provide a course for students that gives them excellent tuition together with research based methods to maximise their learning both in content and psychologically in order to achieve great success (Success through fluency : What is maths fluency?).

Watch an introducion to the course here and then try out full access for free for the day here.

As this is the initial phase of The Maths Guide, I will be continually reviewing how effective you find these methods for your learning. Along with motivational improvements, you can rest happy in the knowledge that I provide top quality instruction, together with practise, immediate feedback and revision. Because I am providing more than any other math courses online you can be sure that you are getting good value.

As you proceed through the course, I will be asking both parents and students to provide a short optional evaluation (5 minutes) every one or two months on their progress, difficulties and motivation. I will use this information to provide you with a continually improving experience to maximise your success and happiness at school.