Complete the course and you'll get a prize. Grow your points and you'll get another prize!

Introduce your friends and you'll get a bonus ... and of course the more students on the course, the bigger the prizes!

Prizes Building a Community

The Maths Guide is about becoming great at maths but is also about building a community of students who help each other. To help make this happen, there are two prize funds.

  • The first (and biggest) prize is a completion prize. If you complete the course, you get your share of the prize. (terms and conditions apply). That's all you have to do. Finish the Course! So everybody who makes that effort gets a prize!
  • The second prize depends on your points. It is a little complicated to make sure that every effort you make is rewarded no matter what your progress; but basically the more points you get the more prize you get (terms and conditions apply).

So the big question is... how do you get points?

Points are for exercises. Each exercise you complete gives you points. Every revision you complete DOUBLES those points. Once you've done all the revisions, your points are locked in.

Points are for building a community.
If you introduce any other student (who signs up for the course for at least 3 months) you get a 10% bonus no matter how well they do. That's just a thank you for growing the community.
Some of their score is added to yours as a bonus. If they are in :
  • The same year as you: You get 45% of their score
  • One year behind you: You get 52% of their score
  • Two years behind you: You get 59% of their score
  • Three years behind you: You get 66% of their score
  • Four years behind you: You get 73% of their score
  • Five years behind you: You get 80% of their score
This is to reward YOU for the encouragement and mentoring that you give to your mentees to help them grow their score (which they grow by completing exercises or introducing other students themselves). So their success becomes your success!
At the end of your course (May 30th), your points and your peers' points will be calculated and audited and prizes given out.
Most Importantly Enjoy the course, and the very best of luck and success to you!