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Understand The Full Picture

The Maths Guide was created with a single and complete vision of the world of Maths and everything is integrated together providing a solid foundation and a purpose for learning.

Progress at Your Own Pace

Different students from different primary schools will have different levels of understanding. Learning online gives you the time you need to build an undertanding that works for you. (Find out More)

The Joy of Discovery

The Maths Guide has a slightly different view of what is meant by fun. Developing your ability in Maths takes work (and good nutrition) to grow your brain and can be demanding for anyone especially children. So when we talk about fun, we don't mean playtime, we mean the deep satisfaction that you get from succeeding at something challenging. This is a joy that lasts a lifetime. (Find out More)


Maths grinds and Tutors are great to help you understand a difficult topic in Maths, but to gain a deep understanding of Maths and to feel the satisfaction of Mastery (see below) you need to work every day at building your skills and understanding. Your brain is exactly like your muscles. Knowing HOW to do a push up is only the beginnning. (Find out More)


To achieve Mastery you need the right guide and the right kind of practice. The Maths Guide combines decades of experience in 'Real World' maths with education and psychological University research to ensure you can become excellent in Maths. (Find out More)


The video training is free and is available on YouTube for the easiest access to everybody

  • A FREE subscription gives you access to all the worksheets you need to practise the skills you learnt online
    • If a friend of yours referred you, make sure that you get his user id to put in as a reference - it benefits you both
  • A GOLD subscription (€7.95 a month) provides you with access to automatic feedback (much easier to use than worksheets) as well as scheduled revision to maximise your learning. (Why this is important?).
  • A Courses subscription (€9.95 a month) gives you access to the full structured course with more details, links and project charts. For students doing the Junior Cert course, there are also motivational prizes.
The transition from primary school to secondary can be a difficult one for many students. Especially in a subject like Maths, where a strong foundation is needed in the connections between the 'Real World' and the more abstract structures of maths.
As your Maths guide I will lead you along this path of discovery; building your skills and understanding, avoiding all the pitfalls, so that whatever teaching abilities and styles you have over the years, you have a steady guide to help you build a coherent and understandable view of the world of Math. (Find out More)

It takes effort, but the rewards are REAL learning! You'll build up your ability in maths with a deep personal understanding; improving your experience of class using one of the best value programs of its kind available.

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