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The Science of Learning Mathematics

What can make Mathematics seem difficult for many students is that you quckly have to start using METHODS to solve problems. And you have to keep practising those methods so that the next step makes sense. You also need to master the skill of Maths.

Building skills takes time, practise and repetition and involves building proteins in the brain. Once we've built these skills we tend to forget how much effort and practise it took to develop them and we can lose respect for the amount of effort it took to aquire those skills.
Try reading or writing upside down if you want to remember how hard that once was.

This is ultimately what The Maths Guide is about. Giving you an effective, guided path to move the heavy mental lifting from recall to skill, so you can really enjoy learning Maths, and be an effective and skilled user of these problem solving tools.

The Maths Guide Provides
  • Excellent instruction (so you know your efforts are well spent and stay motivated )
  • Practise (to build your SKILL)
  • Revision (to become FLUENT)

Watch this great video to learn more about why you NEED to be fluent in maths.

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