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The Science of Learning Mathematics

The difference between mathematics and many other subjects is that to excel in higher order maths (secondary school and above), you NEED to move the heavy work from explicit to implicit memory. From recalling the facts of maths to having the skill of Maths.

Like when you're asked to write an essay explaining your views on something, the skill of writing requires no apparent thinking at all, so that you can focus on the task at hand and consider the different ways you can best approach the task. If you didn't have these skills running in the background, the task of writing would seriously interfere with your ability to think about the actual task.

Building skills takes time, practise and repetition and involves building proteins in the brain. Once we've built these skills we tend to forget how much effort and practise it took to develop them and we can lose respect for the amount of effort and practise it takes for our children to aquire those skills.
Try reading or writing upside down or with your other hand if you want to remember how hard that once was.

This is ultimately what The Maths Guide is about. Giving your child an effective, guided path to move the heavy mental lifting from recall to skill, so that they can really enjoy learning Maths, and be an effective and skilled user of these problem solving tools.

YES, you NEED excellent instruction in a true and comprehensive framework so that all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together and your child has FAITH that their effort is being well spent.
But practise is also NECESSARY.
And revision is also NECESSARY.

The Maths Guide provides all of this.

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