Your Guide to the Results You Deserve.
Being a Creator

The purpose of this course is to continually provide real world links to the mathematical knowledge that you are learning. In this way you can feel secure in your learning instead of being overwhelmed or lost in abstract understanding that benefits nobody. It follows a story line that connects knowledge together while providing all the tools needed in order to purposefully struggle with and then master understanding at each stage. Of course some weeks it's all training and practising a specific skill for fluency. But learning to be a creator, you need to have a vision and see how everything fits together. With the Maths Guide you have the opportunity to learn and explore, maximising your learning and enjoyment.

Maximising Your Learning

The Maths Guide is based on my extensive knowledge and experience together with university research in the methods and psychology of learning. I provide a course for students that combines excellent tuition together with research based methods to maximise your learning both in content and psychologically in order to achieve great success (Success through fluency : What is maths fluency?).

Easy to Choose

The course (Click Courses button) can be accessed for free so it's an easy choice Of course, instruction is just the beginning of learning, so when you are happy with the free videos and worksheets, sign up to make use of the tools to master understanding and get the motivation you need to keep going.