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  • An introduction to major topics 6 to 11 that are on the course

Summary: To achieve success in the Junior Cert, you need to be able to apply a range of skills to various different problems that you encounter. You will need to build up these skills which you will do with daily exercises from Monday to Friday. You will need to be able to analyse a situation, recall all the knowledge that might apply to that situation and use your skills and knowledge together to solve the problem.

Sunday Exercise: Memory Techniques
  • The major topics are listed again in the video above. Write them down so you can learn them
  • Revise the page on memory techniques if you need to, then use image linking to link and memorise the list of major topics on your course.
  • Remember that in the exercises from Monday to Friday, you need to get a score of 20.
Monday Exercise: Geometry
Tuesday Exercise: Constructions
Okay, so Geometry and Constructions was a lot of work. It was tough to get all the way to a score of 20.
The next three days are going to be easier with just a little counting.
Wednesday Exercise: Probability
Thursday Exercise: Statistics
Friday Exercise: Arithmetic
Saturday Exercise : Revision