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Week 1 Day 1 : Warm up exercise. Adding and SubtractingDescription: Adding and Subtracting using a formula
Objective: The purpose of this module is to see how word questions that you are familiar with can be solved using a formula. This way you can build familiarity with formulas and with creating formulas for numbers that you have a good intuition for.
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Section for warm up exercises on adding and subtracting.

In this exercise we're asked to do  basic addition.

We are told the question in English and then we are given a FORMULA that we can use to calculate our answer.

The question is easy enough that you don't need a formula but when questions become less easy to understand a formula is very useful.

Which is why we are using them now.

(#Mary has)  Means how many apples Mary has.

(#more John has) Means how many MORE apples John has than Mary.

The formula tells you to add these two values together.

Answer 13+ 11 

= 24


John has 13 more apples than Mary.

If Mary has 11 apples, how many apples does John have ?

(#Mary has) + (#more John has)