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Day 2: Warm up exercise - Adding and SubtractingDescription: Formulas for word questions with subtraction
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Purpose of this exercise is to practice using formulas for word questions that you are familiar with. These word questions use the word MORE, that you will be UNDOING with a formula that subtracts. So the word question contains MORE, but the formula or method is to subtract.

Help on this Topic:

The idea of this question is that is like the REVERSE of the previous question.

Instead of saying John has so many more apples than Mary, then telling you how many Mary has, and asking you to find out how many John has.

This question tells you how many apples John has and asks you to work BACKWARDS to find out how many Mary has.

If you knew how many apples Mary had, you would have added how many MORE John had to find out how many John had.

To work backwards you are doing the OPPOSITE of adding, which is subtracting to get back to find out how many apples Mary has.

So the formula is (How many apples John has ) less (How many more apples John has than Mary).

This is written as (#John has) - (#More John has)

Answer for the below question :

(29) - (19)

= 10

John has 19 more apples than Mary.

If John has 29 apples, how many apples does Mary have ?

(#John has) - (#more John has)