Memory Techniques.

Image linking : Is about linking one image in your story to another to make a list.

To link one image to another you use your imagination to expand or contract or magnify or colourise. Exaggeration, movement, sensuality is important here.
E.g. To link the words baby and chair, you wouldn't just put a baby in a high chair. You would imagine a chair in a nappy in a cot, so that the chair has taken on the characteristics of a baby.
To link a chair with a mirror, you could have an ordinary chair that becomes shinier and shinier and brighter and brighter until you can see your reflection in it, maybe distorted like the bendy mirrors at a funfair.
To link a brick to a button, you could imagine throwing a brick at your shirt, but as it gets closer and closer, you're zooming into the button, until it is so big that the brick goes through one of the holes in the button, or it smashes into the button and somebody brushes the smashed bits out through the hole in the button, or it hits the button and the button starts to turn into a button shaped wall of bricks.

The Memory Palace: Is about having a specific list of locations where you have an image you want to recall.

You use it when you have a list of items that you want to remember in a specific order.

Review this link for a good introduction to the memory Palace/Journey Method.
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Remember that the journey you take will be your own journey. A common one is your journey to school

  • You wake up and click on your lamp beside you. Image one: Lamp
  • You open the curtains. Image 2 : Curtains
  • And look out the window. Image 3: The window frame
  • You go to the bathroom and wash your face. Image 4: The sink
  • front of a mirror. Image 5: The mirror
  • ... and get in the shower. Image 6: The shower
  • ... dry yourself. Image 7: The towel/towel rail
  • ... get dressed. Image 8 to 15: Underwear, trousers, t-shirt, shirt, tie, jumper, socks, shoes
  • ... and so on