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Description and Summary
  • Co-Ordinate Geometry: Measuring distance between two points.
  • Constructions : Applying Memory techniques - Connecting images
  • Probability: The Fundamental Principle of Counting
  • Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency (The Average) Median of Frequency Tables
  • Arithmetic: Adding VAT (in reverse)
Sunday Exercise: Memory Techniques
  • Revise your memory journey with 15 points on the journey so that you can remember it easily.
  • Recall your list of the major topics that you memorised with image linking.
Monday Exercise: Geometry : Measuring distance between two points
  • Review the following video and then complete the following exercise on finding the distance between two couples on a co-ordinate plane.
  • Revision: Like you do every day except Sunday. Do your assignments by clicking on Assignments.
  • Revise the list of 10 number shape memory images and use them to recall a random list of 10 nouns given to you by a family member or friend.
Tuesday Exercise: Constructions Memory Exercise
Wednesday Exercise: Probability
Thursday Exercise: Statistics : The Average (Median) Longer Version with discussion (more information)
Shorter version. Less discussion
Friday Arithemetic : Adding VAT
Saturday Exercise : Revision